Researchers in Brooks County made a disturbing discovery during the first couple of weeks in June when they discovered human remains buried in what appear to be mass graves.

The remains were found buried in shopping bags and trash bags, and some in no container at all.

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva went to Brooks County on Friday to look into the situation and came back with the details.

The remains were discovered by researchers from the University of Indianapolis, who have been working with researchers on a voluntary basis in hopes of identifying remains of immigrants found in Brooks County, which are buried by the Howard-Williams Funeral Home.

Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Krista Latham said she was surprised to find more than one person's remains in a bag, and more than one bag per grave. She said 52 bags were exhumed from the Sacred Heart Burial Park in the first two weeks of June.

A spokesperson for the funeral home said they do have certain records related to the burials and they are currently being reviewed.

Bodies of illegal immigrants have become common in the Brooks County area. Just Friday, the body of a 23-year old woman from Guatemala was found, and on Thursday, the body of a 16-year old from Mexico was found. Both were discovered on area ranches, and makes for 32 bodies of immigrants found in Brooks County this year so far.