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Robotic surgery simulation for kids at Corpus Christi Medical Center

Kids interacted with robotic system to learn how technology is used for minor invasive surgeries.

More than 50 kids showed up to Corpus Christi Medical Center to learn the in-and-outs of minor invasive surgery.

"Today I learned about robotic surgery, it's cool because it saves people," said Lily Lucas, a participant in the event.

Kids like Lucas watched doctors demonstrate how robot-assisted surgery works.

"The robot and the doctor inspired me because you get to work with a lot of cool things and meet new people," said Chapman Dodd, another participant.

"Cool things," like innovative surgical tools and microscopes are used at CCMC. Doctors there said the innovative technology helps push forward in the medical field.

"Advanced technology like robotic surgery allows us to offer up to date medical care to patients. We can make smaller incisions, the patients have less pain, they have earlier discharge from the hospital and in the end we get a happier patient and that's what we care about," said Michael Ewing, a doctor with CCMC.

Ewing demonstrated and explained to students how beneficial robotic systems are in the medical field.

"Today was cool because I got to see a robot and they do surgery and I got to meet a real doctor," said Rhett Thomas.

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