Teachers and fellow classmates at Robstown's Romero Elementary were saying goodbye to one of their own, eight-year old Victor Guerrero, on Friday.

Victor, a second grader at Romero Elementary, was killed in a tragic house fire on Monday, that also claimed the lives of his older brother, 13-year old Isaac, and their mother, Dahlia Ortiz.

Counselors have been at the school all week to help the students and even the staff get through this difficult time.

Filing out of Romero Elementary School, past the blue ribbons tied out front, small second graders wore blue shirts and held onto blue balloons. It was Victor's favorite color.

"Victor is not gone. He's gone to heaven. He is our angel," Romero Elementary Principal Sylvia Benavides said. "He lives on in your heart. Remember that."

With heavy hearts, there was not a dry eye as the students gathered to say goodbye to their friend.

"He used to give me erasers, and I used to give him pencils, and he told me were best friends forever, and I told him we're best friends forever," one of Victor's classmates said. "We got to be friends."

Students were joined by Victor's teachers, who also tried to find words of comfort.

"He would come up to me and ask for help. He would always reply, he would reply 'Now I get it. Thank you,'" said Diana DeLeon, Victor's teacher. "What a wonderful smart little boy he was."

The students gathered around a new tree, dedicated to Victor, each child grabbing a handful of dirt and pouring it along the base. Then, in unison, the students were told to close their eyes and think of a message to send to Victor.

"These balloons are going to fly up to heaven, and Victor is going to know what you said," Benavides said. "All your wishes, messages, everything."

It was a fitting tribute to a little boy whose smile and personality will never be forgotten.