Some local students got the chance to blast off Tuesday afternoon.

About 64 students from Tuloso-Midway High School's Aero Science class got to test out the flight capability of their rockets. Students have been building them since the beginning of the semester.

Their goal was to learn how to keep the rocket stable once it blasts off.

"It's really fun getting to build stuff and see how, like, your own thing works," said Emily Simek, a senior at Tuloso-Midway. "If it's going to work or not, and how to make it work."

"It's really fun. You get to learn about rockets, something that most schools don't teach about," said Jonathan Jefferson from Tuloso-Midway. "So it's kind of out of the ordinary, but it's fun."

The Aero Science instructor said he has one more launch planned before the end of the year.