With lots of pomp and circumstance, our area's military men and women were honored by some local businesses during a luncheon Tuesday.

Members of local drill teams performed before a packed Ortiz Center as members of the military looked on. The event, sponsored by the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce and Katz 21 Steak & Spirits, also hosted West Texas Congressman Mike Conaway, a member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee.

Conaway told the audience about the importance of having a strong military, and how strong leadership starts at the top with the Commander in Chief.

"I'm not sure that I get a sense of urgency out of this administration to stop the sequestration cuts. I'm not so sure that they're okay with it," Conaway said. "Reducing the size of the U.S. military beyond what it already is going to be reduced to, which in my view is a wrong thing to do."

Kiii's very own Joe Gazin was the master of ceremonies during Tuesday's salute to the military.