Valentin Garcia is a familiar face at the local Salvation Army. He is their spokesperson, and he is hoping to break a nationwide contest record among Salvation Army kettle bell ringers.

"I calculated it," Garcia said. "It comes out from now until 8 p.m. Friday evening."

Garcia will try to stand outside of the Wal-Mart on Saratoga for 80 hours continuously, ringing the bell to beat the U.S. held record. He hopes you will donate whenever you see him or any of the bell ringers, because the Salvation Army counts on your donations to keep their programs going.

"We help people with rent, light, water bills, food they hand out and supplement our Christmas for kids who don't get anything," Garcia said. "So we try to make it go a long way."

So Garcia will be ringing that bell non-stop until 8 p.m. Friday. He does get a very short break every hour, but other than that, it's ringing that bell non-stop. Kiii News wishes him the best of luck.