SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio man claims he was assaulted by a Popeye's employee. Kenneth Seagroves recorded video of what appears to show an employee slapping a phone out of his hand. Seagroves said he was on the phone with police at the time. 

"She was using racial slurs, over and over," he said.

Seagroves said an employee at the Popeye's on Southeast Military and Curtis Street slapped his phone out of his hand while he was on the phone with police. He said the employee did the same thing to his girlfriend before they started recording.

"I may have called her something, but that still doesn’t justify the fact that she thinks she can physically assault people," he said. "She basically hit the back of my hand and the back of my ear, knocking the phone out of my hand.”

Before that tense moment, Seagroves went through the drive-thru and said the employees were being rude because he wasn't ordering fast enough. He said he went inside to speak with a manager to complain. However, based on the video, the conversation didn’t go so well.

"I just went in there to make a simple complaint, and it turned into her just wanting to fight me," he said.

San Antonio Police could only tell KENS 5 they responded to the location Sunday for a reported assault in progress.

"Instead of hearing the rest of the compliant out, right away, she just told me to get out," he said. "She clapped her hands and said, 'you can just get the f*** out.'”

Seagroves said he wants to pursue filing charges against the employee and plans to talk to the Bexar County District Attorney. He said the employee should not have a job.

"I have restaurant experience. She could have simply said, 'I apologize about that sir,'" he said. "'I apologize.'"

Since Monday, KENS 5 reached out to Popeye's corporate team, and we are still waiting on a response.  An employee at the restaurant, told KENS 5 they've been told not to talk about the matter, but did say they have filed a report with police as well.


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