A fatal accident Saturday in the 300 block of Lantana Street claimed the life of 33-year old Edgar A. Peña, a single father, and left his two children without parents.

Peña's family is heartbroken. He was raising his two young boys alone after his wife died of cancer five years ago.

"It's really sad because they lost their mom, so now they don't have their mom and dad," said Vanessa Alvarado, Peña's sister-in-law.

The accident happened Saturday evening. Peña was at a friend's house with his 14-year old son. They were headed home when authorities say Peña lost control of the vehicle and flipped it over in the 300 block of Lantana Street.

Peña was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. His 14-year old son, who was wearing a seat belt, survived the accident.

"He told my nephew that "I love you," and those were his last words," Alvarado said. "How do you forget something like that? You don't."

The family described Peña as a loving, caring father. He was doing everything in his power to be father and mother for his 14-year old and 12-year old sons. He did not have any life insurance, and now his family is trying to foot the bill to pay for his funeral arrangements. They are working on putting a benefit account together.

In the meantime, Peña's boys are staying with their grandparents. Family members said his sons are still in shock and in disbelief.