"Be prepared" was the message Wednesday at the Coastal Bend Hurricane Conference, which was held at the Richard Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown.

"Yes, we're ready. We plan year around," said Billy Delgado, the City's Emergency Management Coordinator. "Our philosophy is we always plan for the worst."

The conference attracted more than 600 area first responders and leaders to help prepare for this hurricane season, which starts in less than a month. John Metz with the National Weather Service says predictions are indicating a possible slow hurricane season.

"In looking at sea surface temperatures and the El NiƱo development, shows there's some potential for a quieter season this year," Metz said.

So even though it is forecasted to be a slow, below normal season, it's not a zero, and Kiii Chief Meteorologist Bill Vessey says it only takes one storm to do the damage.

Local officials believe the Coastal Bend would be ready now if a Hurricane Katrina-like storm were to hit the area.