Hatti Baldwin gives out food, clothing and other goods to the homeless, because seeing someone living on the streets hits close to home -- she's been there.

"I will do whatever I can," Baldwin said. "I don't have money. I try to do whatever I can, if I can give them some hot coco and put a smile on their face, and tell them that God loves them, it's good enough for me."

Baldwin said she knows what it's like to live on the streets.

"The first time, I was 11-years old in Utah, and it was very cold. I had to sneak into laundry rooms, and was sleeping under the folding tables. I remember sleeping in trash cans. I lived on ketchup packets," Baldwin said. "And then I was homeless here in Corpus Christi and I had an advantage. I had a car, and I slept in my car."

After she got back on her feet, Baldwin said she stumbled upon a homeless camp, and the sight was too much to bare.

"One night I saw them," Baldwin said. "One of them didn't have any blankets, and he was being rained on and they were asleep, and I checked their pulses and I was worried. I felt like I was punched in the stomach."

That is when she says she had to do something -- anything to help the homeless of Corpus Christi.

"We got a pair of shoes, poppers, different crackers, coats, a couple of blankets and lots of bananas," Baldwin said. "Just what we can get."

"I think it's very kind and it's nice that she's doing this for the people that are in need of it," said Niki Garcia, who is living in hard times. "I think that anyone that helps out the people around here, that are homeless or especially the needy people, they are good people."

"it's a very humble and good thing for us out here with nothing," said Jermaine Morales, also living in hard times.

Baldwin said she loves to help out the homeless, but the hardest part of giving back is seeing those that remind her of when she was young and living on the streets.

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