Sharing cultures, ideas and teaching techniques; for those and many other reasons, two teachers from South Korea will be spending a couple of weeks at Luther Jones Elementary.

They easily blended in with the students. Their caring and understanding was plain to see. You would never guess that they weren't teachers from this country, because they took to the Corpus Christi Independent School District classroom setting without missing a beat.

The visitors from the east are part of the Texas International Education Consortium. The two teacher who are visiting from South Korea are taking part in a four-week teacher training program.

Two of those weeks will be spent at Luther Jones Elementary. They will also be staying with host families, and so far, the visiting teachers are enjoying every moment.

"Ah, it's the first time to visit the elementary school in the USA," said Miseon Choi, a visiting teacher from South Korea. "The faculty is so good and everything is awesome at the school."

"I found the differences and sometimes the similar things compared to Korea, and I found in here like loving for children," said Haesouk Kim, another teacher from South Korea. "It's almost the same as in Korea."

"They're learning about our school, our school environment, the curriculum, and they've just come in and they're just as sweet as can be," said Velma Moreno, a teacher at Luther Jones Elementary. "And they're acting like little mother hens with our children. and our scholars are so excited to teach them and to show them what we're learning."

"It's such a rich experience for all of us," said Stefanie Radtke, a Luther Jones teacher. "She has brought with her her culture, and we've been able to share our culture, and we've seen the similarities and differences. And being able to relate to her, it's been a great expedience."

The visiting South Korean teachers will be at Luther Jones Elementary for the next two weeks.