CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It is Corpus Christi Police Department Management Assistant Yolanda Balli's job to keep track of the more than 1,100 registered sex offenders in Corpus Christi; but did you know you can keep track of those living in your area, too?

"So you have a name. You have a date of birth. You will find them," CCPD Management Assistant Yolanda Balli said. "If they're registered, you will find them on there."

Balli said everyone has access to every public database that keeps track of registered sex offenders. One of the first sites you would want to check is the Department of Public Safety's Texas Public Sex Offender Website.

"You can look up your own zip code and it's going to tell you who all's in your neighborhood. You know, you need to be aware. Be vigilant. Always know your surroundings, you know?" Balli said. "You may think that's the sweet little old guy living next door to you, but it's not."

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"Depending on their offense, some offenses require to register for their lifetime, some offenses require them to only register 10 years after the offense," Adult Probation Officer Andrea Saenz said.

The DPS Public Sex Offender Website will tell you where registered sex offenders live, each one represented by a pinpoint on the map. If you click on the map you can even see their mug shots and their exact address.

However, the system does take time to update.

"Sometimes the TDCJ paperwork takes four or five weeks to get to DPS," said Sgt. Rose Ramos of the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office. "I don't know why."

If a registered sex offender has already completed his or her requirements, they no longer will be obligated to register. That is why law enforcement agencies say each one of us must remain vigilant.

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