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Chasing Maite's Dream: A&M-CC scholarship honors Uvalde fourth-grader's passion for learning

Maite's mother, as well as the first recipient of the scholarship named in her honor, met with 3News to share how the scholarship will help future Uvalde grads.

Leslie Adami, Preston West, Wes Wilson

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Published: 5:27 PM CDT May 23, 2023
Updated: 10:34 AM CDT May 25, 2023

As you enter the community of Uvalde, handmade signs and painted windows reading “Uvalde Strong” line the city streets: A reminder that there is a great pain that is still felt here, but it is also met with resiliency and hope.  

It was a sunny and bright afternoon the day we had the opportunity to meet with Ana Coronado in the community of Uvalde. She is the proud mother of 10-year-old Maite Yuleana Rodriguez. 

Today, Maite would be 11 years old and in the fifth grade; likely sharing another fun fact she learned about an aquatic creature, sewing something for her family, or perhaps taking her mother’s camera outside to experiment with photography -- a new hobby Ana says she had just started to pick up.

Maite’s life tragically came to an end on May 24 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, as did the lives of 18 other children, and their two brave teachers. They all leave behind families, friends, classmates, co-workers, community members and people everywhere who continue to ask, “Why?” “How?”

They all had hopes and dreams.

Their stories, however, live on, so long as we continue to share them and show how, through their memory, that they are still making an impact. 

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