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DPS captain tried to stop law enforcement team from entering Robb Elementary, CNN report says

Joel Betancourt told a strike team to wait more than 70 minutes into the shooting because he thought there was a more skilled team on the way, the report says.

UVALDE, Texas — A brand new report released by CNN overnight contains new allegations about the police response to the Uvalde school shooting in May.

The report says a Department of Public Safety captain tried to stop a law enforcement team from entering the classroom to end the shooting, and now Uvalde families are already reacting to the new information.

Captain Joel Betancourt is under investigation after telling a strike team to wait more than 70 minutes to enter the school, according to reports from CNN in obtained audio recordings of Captain Betancourt.

Betancourt says he thought a more skilled team was on its way.

In body cam footage from CNN, Betancourt is heard saying “the team that’s going to make a breach needs to stand-by.” However, members of DPS entered the building anyway, saying his orders were against established training.

Betancourt is a 15-year veteran with DPS .

Nearly 400 law enforcement officers responded to the school that day and 91 of them were DPS troopers. Seven of those troopers are under an investigation from the inspector general’s office for their response to the shooting including Crimson Elizondo.

She was fired by Uvalde CISD following comments she made on body-cam footage the day of the shooting saying she would have responded to the shooting differently had her own child been inside the school

Parents of victims are already responding to this new CNN report. Uziyah Garcia’s guardian Brett Cross called Betancourt is a disgrace on Twitter and is demanding DPS director Steve Mcraw resign.

This is a developing story and as we learn more information about this new report, we will keep you updated. Please check back for updates.

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