PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Many students in the Coastal Bend they are on spring break and have been hanging out at the beach.

For the students,  the less than ideal weather conditions were not that big a deal in Port Aransas.

On Thursday, crowds of college students lived it up in Port Aransas with booze, the beach, and beads.

Spring Break celebrations continue in Port Aransas

"I mean we're standing by like a group of cops and everybody's still like right there on the outside is like going crazy," a student said. 

Pets even enjoyed the spring break action. 

"This is Malibu; he's about two weeks old," a college student said. 

Malibu turned heads wherever he waddled.

"Everybody sees a duck more than a dog. It's just a matter of like who can I level up just a little bit more," a college student said. 

People were partying on the beach but nothing too crazy.

"There are a lot more cops back in the day it used to be better, but you know. Why do you think it's changed? Because we were too bad back then. However, it's still much skin out here," a college student said. 

On the beach, there was heavy law enforcement presence throughout the day, but police said, for the most part, people have been very respectful with just a few hiccups here and there.

As the party at mile marker 35 wound down on the beach, it was time to refuel.

"I got to Whataburger of course," a college student said.