CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Coastal Bend is in the middle of spring break, and a lot of tourists are visiting non-beaches attraction such as the U.S.S Lexington.

"The planes, I like all these big different planes," Frank Arreola said. 

Families like the Arreolas are enjoying the Lexington attraction.

"It's beautiful, and it's history," Frank Arreola said. 

"History, the magnitude, the epic stories that come out of each display, a lot of interactive opportunities for the kids to learn," Chris Field said. 

Arreola and Field both have families in military roots.

Arreola's son just got back from Okinawa, Japan.

"He has 30 days here in S.A., and after S.A. he has to report in North Carolina," Arreola said.  "All 4 of my sons haven't seen each other for about 3 1/2 years."

Chris's wife was promoted to Lt. Coronel in the U.S. Army.

"I'm a proud army wife, and I'm involved in a lot of military family activities," Field said. 

Both families appreciate the story the Lexington has to share.

"Understand the gravity of the war, and its place in it," Field said. 

"People were on this ship at one time; they served for this country, they should come and read and get to know the history," Arreola said. 

The static displays of air crafts made an excellent photo opportunity for the families. 

"Laid back and low key, what we're looking for this week," Field said. 

The Arreola and the Field families will enjoy the rest of their time in Corpus Christi.

"Like the area small town feel, but plenty of amenities, plenty of attractions," Arreola said. 

"Beaches are wonderful. People are gracious; Texas hospitality is alive and well here," Field said.

The extended hours for the Lexington will be  9 a.m.- 6 p.m. until Saturday.