Stage 2 water restrictions are now in effect for residents, businesses and industry in Corpus Christi, meaning you can only water your lawn once a week, on trash day.

According to the drought ordinance updated by the City last year, Stage 2 is declared once the combined levels of Lake Corpus Christi and Choke Canyon reach below 40-percent, which happened on Tuesday.

Stage 2 is considered a moderate drought, but some residents do not understand why water is released from both lakes, especially during May and June, despite drought conditions.

City officials say they are obligated to help keep the bays and estuaries downstream healthy.

"We have monthly targets, but we don't just release that target amount every month," said Brent Clayton of City Water Resources. "We only release what comes into our reservoirs."

Clayton said those releases allow fish and shrimp to replenish in local bays and estuaries.

According to the City's drought ordinance, Stage 2 restrictions may be lifted when the combined lake levels increase to above 50-percent for at least 15 consecutive days.

White State 2 restrictions are automatically put in place, the City plans to make an official announcement on Monday at the American Bank Center while at the same time unveiling ways that the City is conserving water. They will also outline the grace period for the restrictions.