The State Fire Marshals Office is expected to return to the scene of that major fire happening at an RV and boat storage facility on Monday. It was Saturday afternoon when thick black smoke poured from Weber Creek Storage in the 7600 block of Weber. The smoke could be see from miles away and it took fire fighters close to two hours to put out the flames. Between 18-24 RV homes were destroyed. Many more were damaged by the heat. Some of those motor homes lost in the fire cost a half million dollars or more. Fire officials say right now the area is still too hot to begin their investigation. As a result they will be back out on Monday.

Also, some incredible pictures surfacing from the front lines of that massive blaze. The flames so intense, it looks more like something out of a movie. These pictures were taken by various fire departments who responded including Nueces County Fire District number 2, and CCFD.