TYLER, Texas — A Tyler man has been arrested after he reportedly crashed into a unit at a Tyler apartment complex early Friday morning.

According to the Tyler Police Department, officials responded to reports of a major accident at the Arbors on Chimney Rock, located at 323 Chimney Rock Drive, around 1:30 a.m.

031519 Truck Into Apartment 1 PIC
Katie Markgraf

Police tell CBS19, the driver, identified as Blake Taylor Conner, 25, drove his pickup truck into a unit at the apartment complex.

031519 Truck Into Apartment 2 PIC
Katie Markgraf

Katie Markgraf, who resides in the unit that was hit, says the truck came through the wall of her 4-year-old's bedroom.

"I was sleeping, I had not been sleeping long, but and then I just heard the big crash," Markgraf said. "And I just peeked in and I saw the lights and the front of the truck and I was like, 'Oh, my goodness I need to get her out of here.'"

031519 Truck Into Apartment 3 PIC
Katie Markgraf

When Markgraf stepped into the room, she says she was shocked and appalled by what she saw. However, her first concern was for her daughter.

"When I came in and looked at the room, it didn't even really process to me," she explained. "I just saw the vehicle, I got her out, and then I started to process the damage. Nothing hit her bed. Thankfully nothing got on her." 

Markgraf says despite the loud crash, her daughter slept through the ordeal.

"It's kind of like a relief because, I mean, she doesn't have to like have nightmares of this monster truck coming at her," Markgraf explained. "She actually told me, she goes, 'That truck broke our wall. Our new wall's broken mommy.'"

Conner was booked into the Smith County Jail around 3:15 a.m. on charges of driving while intoxicated and having an open container in the vehicle.

He is being held on $500 bond.

As for Markgraf, she is thankful no one, especially her daughter, was hurt in the crash. However, the incident left her shaken and afraid.

"I shake, I'm still shaken," Markgraf said. "I mean I'm frustrated, I'm mad, I'm relieved, I'm angry and just everything that you can explain all bottled together." 

The property manager is helping Markgraf and her daughter move to another unit. 

"I hate the fact that I'm having to pack everything up and move two buildings down and then come right back in a couple months," Markgraf explained. "But, I mean, ideally, I would like to be able to get her a better place that's not next to a road, not next to the sharp turn."