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Steps towards reaching financial freedom from an advisor

A financial advisor shares tips to help those who struggled throughout the pandemic.

From layoffs to hospital bills, there were several reasons that contributed to people needing more help with managing their money. 

"You have to first have the conversation, then put the goals down on paper, then, after you develop that plan to achieve those goals, take those steps," said John Stearns, a financial advisor.

One of the first steps towards financial freedom is to recognize your goals to yourself and to your partner. Stearns said it helps to know everyone is on board with the same goals.

"If you're not doing that well if you get a pay raise, make sure instead of spending that pay raise, you put it towards those two goals to get to those numbers," said Stearns.

The next step is to live only on 80 percent of your income and save or invest the rest.

"The faster you start, the better you're going to be and the quicker you train yourself to set that money aside," said Stearns.

He said keeping your wallet to a minimum helps people only spend what they have. The third step he added was to begin saving as soon as possible.