Some in the Area 3 had an unpleasant Easter surprise Sunday night. A severe thunderstorm brought unusually large hail, causing lots of damage to homes and vehicles.

The severe weather made its way through Alice, Freer and Falfurrias, but the hardest-hit area may have been the small town of Benavides in Duval County.

Signs of the storm could be found everywhere throughout the town on Monday, from windows at homes to the windshields of cars, shattered by hail.

The hail ranged from baseball- to softball-size, falling hard and fast from the skies and causing widespread destruction. No one was immune. Not even the school district.

The cost of all of the damage is unknown.

Residents said the severe storm was frightening, as the large hailstones came flying through their windows and landing into their homes. Some have insurance, but others do not, and they are hoping for assistance from the government.

Many said the storm was the worst thing to happen in Benavides, and they were glad for it to be over.