Many of you experienced some pretty severe weather Saturday night. Severe thunderstorms popped up in parts of South Texas and the storms packed a punch, snapping trees, knocking down power lines, causing power outages. Sunday we got a look at the damage that was left behind. The storms produced high gusts of winds causing power lines to go down on the JFK Causeway near the Humble Channel. This caused it to temporarily shut down traffic that was headed out to the island. Residents in the Flour Bluff area woke up with broken tree limbs all over their yards. On Scotland three was uprooted keeping traffic from passing through. Neighbors were shocked to see so much damage.

"When I got up this morning, boy it was scary I don't know if it had been a small tornado or what had happened," said Viviana Tribble a Flour Bluff resident.

"I had a tree knocked down this time, the pool got flipped over," said Steve Campbell a Flour Bluff resident.

"It was quite a storm last night and when I came home from HEB I couldn't even come through the flood waters. I was afraid I was going to stall out," said James Ottmers a Flour Bluff resident.

The storms produced straight line wind gusts of 70 miles per hour. These are the same type of winds that struck portions of the Coastal Bend area back in May of this year. But so far there is no indication that the storms produced any tornados.