Strangers come together and unite after getting word via social media that an air condition unit is not working at a senior apartment complex.

Earlier tonight, at the Casa De Oro apartments, water and fans were delivered to the folks who live there.

Elderly residents who live in the complex say that they have had no air condition in the past two days and finally after one resident made a cry for help, fearing for the health of her neighbors, the news spread like wildfire.

A maintenance employee from the apartment complex told one concerned citizen that the part needed to fix the air condition unit will arrive Saturday and they hope to have the A/C running tomorrow.

But news of that hasn't stopped a donation drive scheduled to be held later today.

If you want to donate a fan or bottled water, you're encouraged to donate at the Trio home health care headquarters. It's located at the 4400 block of Corona near Flynn Parkway from 9:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.