The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus was overrun Thursday by anxious parents and excited students as they moved into their student housing.

Over 1,600 students and their parents showed up for move-in day. 18-year old Marcella Hobbs, from Austin, moved into her new room at the campus' new Anchor Hall. A member of the Islander cheer team, Hobbs has been in town for a couple of weeks and was anxious to get her own place.

The new Anchor Hall is one of the two brand new residence halls the school has had to build because of rising attendance at the Island University.

"At first I was a little nervous, because it's four hours from home, but I got down here and I really like it," Hobbs said. "So I think I will be okay down here, like by myself."

"We do not have space. We are on an overflow waiting list," said Don Albrecht, vice president for Student Engagement and Success. "We're opening two new residence halls today, which is 150 new beds. That isn't enough. We're still building. We're going to add another bunch next fall as well, because we're behind."

University officials said that the demand for on-campus housing is so great that the school can't build new residents halls fast enough. Right now, there are 1,640 beds.

The reason for the housing crunch is that attendance is soaring. This fall, officials expect at least 11,000 students on campus. Classes begin Wednesday.