According to childcare experts, suicide is one of the leading causes of preventable death in our nation today.

To address this issue here in the Coastal Bend, a seminar was held at the Bayview Behavioral Hospital to discuss this silent epidemic. Experts said that we lose 100 young adults each week to suicide.

Speakers at the event from the Jason Foundation said education and awareness is the key to prevent suicides.

"First of all, express that concern," said Clark Flatt, president of the Jason Foundation. "Talk to your son or daughter, about your son or daughter, about your concerns. Tell them that they are acting in a way that concerns me, your address, your grades."

Flatt lost his 16-year old son, Jason, to suicide back in 1997. He said it's going to take parents and teachers to curb the number of suicides if they want to make a difference.

If you need more information on how to handle and deal with the warning signs of suicide, a free educational kit is made available at Bayview Behavioral Hospital, and that is free courtesy of the Jason Foundation.

For help regarding suicide, you can also call 361-986-8200.