Late Monday night, Corpus Christi police identified a suspect in connection with the murder a 21-year old man. After releasing his name to the public, 18-year old Jose Angel Macias turned himself in.

It was just after midnight when Macias walked into the City Detention Center. He was booked and charged with murder, and his bond has been set at $200,000.

Macias was wanted for the murder of 21-year old Casimiro Adan Guerra. Guerra was killed Sunday night outside of a Stripes convenience store, near the intersection of Ayers and Bevecrest.

Police quickly learned about surveillance video of some possible suspects, who went into the store moments before Guerra was shot. They said it was important to get the video to the public as quickly as possible.

"We wanted the identity of these two individuals, and so once it got out to the media, including Channel 3, we knew we had good video. We knew we would have a name quickly on who our shooter was, and also who the other individual who was there," said Kelly Isaacks, Corpus Christi Police Department Homicide Supervisor. "And within just a few hours, we had that information and we were able to go forward with it."

Police said they have only charged Macias for the crime, but say that may change as the investigation is on going.