CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 37-year-old Delfino Chavira was released from the Nueces County jail late Thursday night. 

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Chavira was arrested last week after 34-year-old Sophia Lott was found shot to death at the Valley Motel on Leopard and Navigation. Detectives found her at the scene with wounds to the chest. Since Chavira's release, there is no word on who investigators are looking for at this time.

Chavira was behind bars for nearly 6 days and charged with the murder of Sophia Lott, who Chavira says he did not know. 

Police officers pulled over Chavira for broken break-light and then took him into custody for questioning. CCPD then arrested Chavira on murder charges, but release him after surveillance video confirmed his alibi.  

Chavira who was at a gaming lounge the night of the shooting wants the public to know that he is innocent.

In a 3News interview, Chavira said, "it just doesn't make no sense, like, I just wanna clear my name like, I don't want my life in danger, because, I"m really a good guy." 

Chavira says he's relieved to be out of jail. Chavira also said that his life will never be the same; he lost his job and, is now receiving death threats. 

Chavira claims investigators told him he was arrested because he resembled a man witnesses placed at the crime.

Police are now asking for your help to find the actual killer of 34-year-old, Sophia Lott. 

 First Assistant District Attorney Matt Manning issued this statement:

"The Nueces County District Attorney’s Office submitted a no charge in Mr. Chavira’s case after learning of evidence indicating he is not the appropriate suspect. We commend the Corpus Christi Police Department for its diligent and stellar work thus far in this investigation and remain confident that this case will be resolved and justice served."

The Corpus Christi Police Department issued this statement:

The Corpus Christi Police Department investigated a homicide that occurred on September 27, 2019, on the 5300 block of Leopard. Initial information led us to believe that Delfino Chavira was the suspect involved in the death of 34-year-old Sophia Lott.

Homicide Detectives diligently continued the investigation into the Homicide and have discovered new evidence linking a different suspect. As a result of the newly uncovered evidence, the charges against Delfino Chavira were dismissed and Chavira was released accordingly.

This is still an active and ongoing investigation and if anyone has any additional information, they are urged to contact Homicide Detective Loraine Mathews at (361) 886-2883. You may also call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or submit the information online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers is anonymous and if the information leads to an arrest, it could earn you a cash reward.

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