Teens from around the state are spending a couple of weeks of their summer in Corpus Christi.

These students are taking part in the Sea City Work Camp. It's a church based program where for two weeks, teens take a hammer and nails and go to work repairing area homes.

They refurbish roofs to make sure they can be recertified for windstorm insurance. They also pick up paint brushes to give some homes a much needed makeover.

Caysi Holt, Sea City Work Camp, says,"Just to take a week of our time. Just to change the lives of all these people. It's definitely worth it. It's life changing just to be apart of it."

B.J. Cantu, Homeowner, says,"It's an awesome gesture from people that help people that need help. I really appreciate it."

If you would like to take part in this program, either as a volunteer or as a homeowner that needs repairs to their home click here: www.seacityworkcamp.com