The trial of Heather and Ryan Sanders, parents charged with three counts of injury to a child, continued Thursday.

The couple gave birth to their fourth child while living in a vehicle near Bob Hall Pier in 2013, and allegedly waited until four days later to seek medical help. It was at Driscoll Children's Hospital that a nurse determined the newborn and the couple's three other children were malnourished.

On Thursday, jurors heard testimony form a woman who ran into the couple at the HEB in Flour Bluff just one day after their fourth child was born.

"I immediately asked if they had seeked medical help, because being on the beach in general is dirty," witness Michelle K. Said. "I was very, very concerned because, if you don't seek medical treatment, infection can set in extremely fast."

As a mother of two herself, the former pharmaceutical technician said Ryan Sanders showed her the baby's umbilical cord.

"After they had told me they had delivered it on the beach, I said 'what do you mean you delivered it on the beach?' They said they tied the umbilical cord off and showed it to me, tied off with a bungee zip-tie of some sort," Michelle said.

Michelle said she offered to help them.

"I told them I would do anything they needed me to do," Michelle said. "We said we would do anything that we could possibly do for them. They gave me their email, but it didn't quite add up because why would you exchange emails?"

She said the couple eventually refused her help.