MATHIS, Texas — A Beeville family is mourning after losing two children to a fatal train versus car accident. 

The crash happened on Saturday morning around 10:30 AM on County Road 1136 near Mathis. DPS Troopers said the car was driven by a 30-year-old man with the two boys and a five-year-old girl. The driver allegedly failed to stop at the stop signs and crossing. 

Troopers believe the train was approaching from the vehicle's right side as the car drove through the intersection. The car was pushed into a cable barrier and crushed by the force of the train.

The two boys, 12-year old Aden and 8-year-old Jacoby Posada were pronounced dead on scene. The other man and a five year old girl were transported to local hospitals in critical condition.

DPS Troopers and investigators discovered the little girl was not restrained in a car seat and one of boys was not wearing a seat belt. Now, DPS Sergeant Nathan Brandley is warning others about obeying traffic laws.

"You're not gonna win when trying to beat a train," he said.

Sergeant Brandley said wearing seat belts greatly increases survival rates in accidents, as do car seats. He urges parents to make sure their children are safe in the car.

"That seat belt is gonna come across the breastbone and the shoulders particularly well to keep them inside that seat and not cause any injury to the neck or head area," Sergeant Brandley added.

Others said the intersection and road could be to blame. The section of County Road 1136 where the crash happened, is not well-lit. Ruben Barrientes said there should be more warnings closer to the train tracks.

"I don't see security bars that go down, and I feel sorry for those people that go hurt and killed," he said. 

Nearby resident, Rita Coggins, agreed. 

"Stop and look both ways before you take off and cross the railroad tracks. People drive by like they're on the NASCAR raceway!" Coggins exclaimed.

While there's no way to know if anything could have prevented the accident or deaths, Sergeant Brandley does know drivers must pay better attention to the road.

"If you come across a particular crossing like this where there's no arms, that'll maybe physically show you there's a train coming, you gotta be able to listen outside and see what's going on."

Union Pacific Railroads continues to investigate this incident. Stay with 3News for updated information.