The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts says it's a wonderful time to be alive in the State of Texas. Susan Combs says Texas has led and continues to lead the country in job creation, and she doesn't understand how or why anyone would want to live or work anywhere else. Combs was in Corpus Christi today.

Comptroller Susan Combs says the success the state has experienced is long term and not a bubble, and that sales tax revenues in the state of Texas have been up 30 months in a row. Combs tells 3 News, "we're going to have, report this year $24.1 billion. We've never had that much sales tax (revenue) in one year. This is an all time high."

Today, at workforce solutions of the coastal bend located at 5858 south padre island drive, Combs spoke of the different factors that have made the Texas economy a success. Combs spoke of the eagle ford shale, saying the oil and gas industry is literally fueling the state's economy and has the capacity to change the global economy. Combs saying the eagle ford will span decades and drive all kinds of economic activity. And while unemployment plagues much of the nation, combs says if you want a job in Texas, you can get one. Combs tells 3 News, "they're paying $5,000 premiums for people who have a commercial driver's license...and the unemployment here in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, is down to about 5.4%. That's nearly zero unemployment and people come here because they know that we have jobs."

Combs says there are some challenges that come with all of the growth...such as the stress put on the roads and making sure repairs are done, making sure everybody has enough water capacity, and making sure you educate the workforce. Combs says the economic growth in Texas is not all due to oil and gas, but other sectors as well such as technology, medical, and manufacturing, and that one of the keys to the state's success is it's economic diversity.