A family-owned restaurant in Corpus Christi was hit by burglars overnight, and now police are trying to track them down. It is the second time in three months that the Village Restaurant on Louisiana Avenue and Swantner has been burglarized.

Penelope Livaditis has owned the restaurant for eight years, and she says she works too many hours and doesn't make enough money for something like this to happen.

"They took everything. They don't know how hard it is for me. For me, it's so hard, I work from six o'clock in the morning until 11 o'clock at night," Livaditis said. "I'm going home just to shower and sleep, and they took the money."

Livaditis said she got to work early Wednesday morning to open her restaurant and found the front door broken, an obvious sign that someone probably had gotten inside her place of business and might still be in there. She quickly called police, and they came out to find that no one was inside, but someone had taken all the cash out of the register -- about $250.

Back in may, someone had done the same thing.

There was no surveillance video and no apparent witnesses. Livaditis is hoping that after someone hears about the crime, they will contact police about what they know.

Right now, the Corpus Christi Police Department says a detective has not been assigned to the case.