Many are embracing the cool weather and getting into the holiday spirit, but in one southside neighborhood, the chill brought with it the reality that there are grinches among us.

No one knows this better than one family who lost their Christmas decorations to thieves over the weekend.

"We had the white reindeer, the ones that move," said Carmen Rice, whose Christmas decorations were stolen from her yard. "We had the family of reindeer over here."

Rice and her family were looking forward to decorating their front yard, on the 6300 block of Boca Raton.

"It was an investment. Our families came down from Austin to set it up last week," Rice said. "We enjoyed having everyone out here trimming trees and getting the yard ready for the decorations, and it was quite a weekend with our family doing that."

On Saturday night, the yard was brightly lit and beaming with the holiday spirit. On Monday, only a few lights were left.

"Touched by the grinch, but not in our hearts, because they can steal away all the materialistic things that we use to display Christmas spirit, but they cannot steal away what's in our hearts," Rice said. "And the true meaning of Christmas is in our hearts, and with our kids as well."

It was a disappointment for Rice, but more so for the children.

"I don't understand the type of person that would do this," Rice said. "What kind of person does that? You're going to look at it everyday when you go home and know that you stole it from a family, and just know that you stole from four children here."

If there's a lesson learned here, it is that you anchor and tie down your Christmas decorations securely; but even then, if Christmas decorations are meant to celebrate a season of giving, then the thought of having to lock down the very symbols of the holiday just makes no sense.

"We're just going to keep the spirit in our hearts and celebrate the cheer in our hearts, and know that, you know, someone out there is hopefully enjoying the decorations with their family," Rice said. "But stealing is never an option. Never an option."