The Duval County Sheriff's Department apprehended three illegal immigrants in a bailout on FM 1329 and County Road 238 at around 10:15 a.m. Wednesday morning. About 18-20 immigrants were involved.

According to the Sheriff's Department, authorities attempted to stop a pickup truck for speeding when the driver of the truck began to flee. The driver left the truck in drive as several immigrants bailed out of the vehicle and fled into the brush.

Authorities had to run to catch up with the truck and put it in park.

As the vehicle came to a stop, eight more illegal immigrants came out from under plywood sheets painted black to look as if it were the bed of the truck. While authorities tried to advise dispatch of how many immigrants were in custody, a few more rand from the bed of the truck.

The Sheriff's Department said the three immigrants who were detained were from El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala.