Life wasn't always so joyful for three-year old Marshall Miguez. The happy go lucky boy and his twin brother, Max, were born premature at 29 weeks and wound up in the NICU.

There was also something wrong with Marshall's kidneys. The doctors initially told his parents that he wasn't going to make it.

"It was one of the worst things we've ever heard," his mother, Natalie Murphy, said.

The family moved to the Coastal Bend from San Antonio when Marshall was nine months old. He went to Driscoll Children's Hospital four times a week for dialysis. Before putting Marshall on a list for a new kidney, an evaluation had to be completed to see if he was fit to receive the transplant.

"While we were doing an ultrasound of the abdomen, we found the mass in the liver, and we started evaluating the kind of mass," said Dr. Gharaybeh of Driscoll's kidney center. "And we found out it was a liver tumor. He had to have the tumor removed."

Four months of chemo and a year later, Marshall finally received his kidney in November of 2012. He goes to Driscoll twice a week now, only for a check-up.

"He's happy and loves the nurses and the doctor," Murphy said. "He likes to talk to everybody. Walks around this clinic like it belongs to him."

Marshall's mother is thankful for the little things. Marshall will be able to take his first real bath around Christmas time.

"I'm excited about him starting to grow and having more energy and playing more with his brothers, and just seeing him change," Murphy said.