A Corpus Christi police officer stopped a car late Monday night as it was pulling into a neighborhood in the 5700 block of Crestmore Street after noticing how loud the driver's music was playing. That stop ended in one arrest and the seizure of 19.6 grams of cocaine.

It was around 11:30 p.m. when the police officer made the traffic stop. He could feel the bass coming from the 2007 Dodge Charge from over 100 feet away. After contacting the driver, 33-year old Angela Hernandez, he discovered that she had a suspended driver's license.

While the officer went to impound the vehicle, he noticed two clear plastic bags in an opening near the gear shift in the vehicle's center console. The bags contained 19.6 grams of cocaine.

Hernandez was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and driving with an invalid license. Her vehicle was impounded.