After a month of investigation, Aransas County Sheriff's deputies made what they're calling one of the biggest LSD busts to ever happen in their county Monday night.

Detectives said the investigation stemmed from a routine traffic stop four weeks ago, when an individual was arrested with LSD.

That arrest prompted the Aransas County Sheriff's Office to dig around in search of a distributor, and on Monday, they received a search warrant for an RV in the 2400 block of Jocelyn.

Inside of that RV, officers found an LSD lab full of beakers, chemicals and even a microscope. They arrested two people -- 25-year old Matthew Draper Ivy and 22-year old Stephanie Olivarez.

Because LSD is not a common drug in South Texas, the Sheriff's Office called in backup from the Drug Enforcement Agency office that serves the Corpus Christi and Houston areas.

DEA officials showed up in protective gear, and even requested that firefighters be called out to the scene as a precaution.

"There's compounds in some of these operations that the rubber gloves that we wear aren't even adequate protection," Aransas County Sheriff Bill Mills said. "So inhalation or body absorption was a real risk factor of what was stable and what wasn't."

Officers were able to retrieve all of the evidence without incident. Not only did they find several sheets of LSD ready to be sold, but they also found two pounds of synthetic marijuana, along with plenty of syringes and other drug paraphernalia. The colorful sheets of LSD are worth at least $18,000 per sheet and contain about 900 squares each, which can then be sold for about $20 a piece.

The DEA office will be checking the chemicals in their lab to see how powerful the drug is. Depending on the results, the suspects could face federal charges.

Narcotics officials in Corpus Christi said the drug is not common here locally, and they are just glad they could get it off the streets before it was too late.