Two people were arrested and charged with aggravated assault just after 2:30 a.m. Wednesday for allegedly threatening to shoot a 33-year old male after he offered to tell them a funny joke for 25-cents.

According to police, the victim said he was walking in the 600 block of North Chaparral Street when he saw five men standing outside of a bar. He approached them and offered to tell them a joke for a quarter, but when he did, the males began to argue with him.

The victim fled to the Greyhound bus station and called police, but before they could arrive, he saw the suspects approaching him, so he fled to a bar in the 400 block of Starr Street and called police again.

Two of the suspects, 39-year old Juan Luna and 19-year old Ashby Lopez, caught up with the victim outside of the bar. The victim said that Luna told Lopez to shoot him, and that Lopez pulled out a black 9 mm handgun, aimed at him and cocked the trigger, but did not shoot. Instead, the two suspects fled the scene.

After getting a description of the vehicle the suspects fled in, officers were able to locate them driving down Mesquite Street. The two suspects were taken into custody and the other three men who were with them were identified and released. The vehicle, which had a cocked handgun under the rear seat, was impounded.