Fire investigators said two men were rushed to the hospital after a fire broke out at the Carisma Car Wash on Saratoga and Cimarron overnight.

Investigators said the three employees were sleeping on the floor of the office at the time the fire broke out. Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from the scene with the latest information.

Cleanup crews were out at the business Friday ever since the fire broke out at 6 a.m. Contractors worked to clean up the mess that the fire left behind, and it was quite a bit of damage.

The three men were sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and then they woke up in a panic after discovering their mattress and some clothing on the bed were on fire.

"What happened is that they were using a lamp to keep warm with a halogen bulb in it," said Arson Investigator Pete Salazar of the Corpus Christi Fire Department. "Halogen bulbs tend to get real hot, and if anything gets close to them, it will ignite the cloth or paper, and that's what happened."

The three jumped up quickly and tried to put the fire out themselves, but the flames spread fast. They had to run out of the place and call 911.

Two of the employees were sent to the hospital -- one for smoke inhalation and the other with minor burns to his fingers. Officials said both were released from the hospital.

The front office suffered a lot of fire damage, and the rest of the building had heavy smoke damage.