Two shootings in Falfurrias Sunday prompted worries of gang violence and possible retaliation, and have led to a slew of arrests.

On Monday, 22-year old Juan Cervantes turned himself in for the shooting of 26-year old Omar Rivas on 800 S. St. Mary's Street on Business 281 in Falfurrias. Cervantes allegedly opened fire from a maroon truck as they pulled up beside the truck that Rivas was in. Bullets struck Rivas in the neck.

Rivas did not make it to the hospital.

Falfurrias police are still looking for 19-year old Eliazar Javier Garcia, who is suspected of being the driver of the maroon truck.

Shortly before this incident, another shooting occurred between the occupants of a Dodge Charge and a Chevy Malibu during a vehicular chase. The chase ended in a crash on Noble Street in Falfurrias.

On Tuesday, Falfurrias police arrested 31-year old Robert Garcia, who was charged in that shooting. A woman, 43-year old Adriana Quintanilla, was also charged in connection with this incident. Both received charges of aggravated assault.

Falfurrias police are investigating to see if there is any relation between the two incidents.

If you have any information regarding these crimes, or the whereabouts of Garcia, please call the Falfurrias Police Department.