Two horses that were found along with 22 others, malnourished and left alone at a Robstown ranch, were handed over to the non-profit group, Habitat for Horses, on Tuesday.

The horses were seized a few weeks ago from the private ranch.

One of the horses that were handed over to the non-profit organization is just one year old, and the other is just six months old. They are being cared for at an undisclosed location near Portland.

The horses are doing better, but still have a long road to recovery. One is 75 pounds underweight, and the other is 100 pounds underweight.

Volunteers with Habitat for Horses will work with them, socialize them and get their weight back up to where it should be. Then, they will be seen by a vet.

The non-profit group People Assisting Animal Control, or PAAC, is helping out too. Once the two young horses are ready, PAAC will help find foster homes for them.

"We are going to rehab them and find them homes," said Cheryl Martinez, president of PAAC. "They're very nice horses, and they just need a lot of work. They've been very unsocialized. Once we get them taken care of, and a new home, they'll be ready to never be starved again."

"One of them has a hernia and we'll have to have that looked at," said Dottie Clower of Habitat for Horses. "She will need surgery, no doubt about it."

As for the other horses that were seized from the private ranch in Robstown, one has been euthanized and two more will have to be put down as well.

Habitat for Horses took two on Tuesday, and that leaves the original owner with the remaining 15. He is required to properly take care of those horses, or Animal Control will step in.

The original owner is on six months probation. As of now, he does not face charges for animal cruelty.

If you would like to volunteer your time or donate to the cause, you can visit the Habitat for Horses Web site. If you're interested in fostering, you can visit the PAAC Web site.