A couple of Coastal Bend high school seniors got the chance to see what it's like to be the skipper at Naval Air Station-Kingsville on Thursday.

It's the new Skipper for a Day program, and officials at NAS-Kingsville say it is a way to expand outreach to the community.

Two high school seniors, one from H.M. King High School and one from Bishop High School, were selected for the program. The two exceptional students, wearing their respective school colors, followed Captain Chris Misner around for the day.

The program allows the students to witness first-hand the day-to-day functions of a Naval Air Station commanding officer.

"It's really exciting," H.M. King student Kaylie Windham said. "We've done a lot of stuff, and I've learned a lot about leadership, and how you should walk around and interact with the people that are below you and make sure that everything's taken care of."

"It's really interesting," Bishop student Emily Berndt said. "It's interesting how much he puts into his job, and how much he cares about others. Especially those in lower rankings. I mean, he doesn't have to give them the time of day, but yet, he goes to talk to each and everyone of them to see how their day is going."

Captain Misner said the program helps students to not only understand what it's like to be a commanding officer, but also the CEO of a large organization.