It is a sad statistic, but just this weekend alone, there were two suicides here in the Coastal Bend, including one man who jumped from the Harbor Bridge.

There was also one attempted suicide.

So what kind of help is available for those who are thinking about taking such drastic steps?

Police spent almost two hours Saturday morning trying to persuade one man not to jump from the Harbor Bridge. Luckily, negotiators were able to stop him. Then, on Sunday morning, police found a man who had killed himself inside of his home.

Then, on Sunday night, a man parked his truck on the Harbor Bridge, climbed off the rails and jumped. Marina Patrol were able to rescue the man and take him to medics for help, but he died in the hospital Monday morning.

"It seems we have had an uptick in suicides and suicide attempts a little bit," said Captain David Cook of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

"Unfortunately, we have had an increase of suicides across the country," said Diane Lowrance of the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County.

The Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County says that the moment you think of killing yourself, talk to someone. Try to go get help immediately.

"If you talk to someone who has been trained in that type of intervention, it can be the difference between life and death," Lowrance said.

So what warning signs should you be looking out for?

The Behavioral Center says there are some things that should raise red flags, like changes in behavior, as well as eating and social habits -- even major events like the loss of a loved one or unemployment. Social media can also be used as a sign.

The bottom line is, it can happen to anyone.

"Sometimes you believe you have to have long time history of mental health problems and treatment to commit suicide," Lowrance said. "You really don't."