Just a moment of inattention nearly caused a tragedy on Monday, when a two-year old boy was stuck by a minivan on a busy street in front of his grandfather's home.

It happened around 2 p.m. on South Brownlee, near Craig Street. The boy is expected to be okay, but he was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Police are simply calling it an accident.

According to police, there was no way for the driver of a brown minivan to see the boy in time. The minivan was on Brownlee passing a big truck parked along the curb when the child darted out in front of the truck.

The boy's grandfather, Joe Caudillo, shared a picture of the two-year old child, Elijah. Caudillo said he managed to slip out of the home before he was struck, and added that his wife is also currently in the hospital, which has made it an especially tough situation.

"So everything is out of control here," Caudillo said. "My daughter is here. Son is here. He just got out."

"The driver had no way to see him. Witnesses verified that," said Lt. McClure of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Fortunately, the child hit the side of the van instead of the front of the van. Had some road rash. Did transport him to Driscoll."

The driver of the minivan did not receive a ticket and was allowed to leave.

Police said this should serve as a reminder of how quickly a child can get out of your sight if you are not paying attention.