Texas Department of Transportation crews were hard at work Friday afternoon, making sure drains were clear and ready for the rain that's expected in the Coastal Bend.

Kiii News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz went Live from Everhart and SPID with one of those crews to see what areas they are concentrating on.

Crews said trash is a major problem in the streets. They were busy all day and planned to work through the evening to make sure that drains and pipes are not being blocked.

They were especially watching intersections along SPID and Crosstown. Those areas, they say, seem to be the areas that always cause flooding.

"We have got crews on recall if necessary, and we work during the rain." said Ed Leonard of the City's Storm Water Department.

TxDOT crews throughout the Corpus Christi area have been notified and are on alert if they are needed. Authorities will monitor weather conditions in the event that roads need to be closed due to high water, or to address drainage issues.

Information about road closures is available at www.drivetexas.org.

Also, authorities want to remind you that, on slick roads, you should slow down and avoid tail-gating.