CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many Corpus Christi Uber drivers have expressed safety concerns after a driver was carjacked at gunpoint Saturday morning.

The driver was dropping off a man at his home on Daytona Drive when police say a young man came up to the car and held both men at gunpoint. He stole their wallets and then took off in the Uber car.

Thankfully the driver and passenger are okay, but Uber drivers have been voicing their opinions. One of them, Santos Gracia said what happened could have been prevented if Uber allowed drivers to carry with a concealed handgun license. "I believe Uber should change the laws to carry a weapon inside the car you know. You don't know who you are going to pick up, something can be prevented but if they see a gun they're most likely not going to do anything," Gracia said.

He added that drivers should protect themselves by having a dash cam and always carrying a taser or pepper spray which Uber does not forbid.