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'Russian tanks are bombing our city': Ukrainian woman from Kharkiv speaks with 3News on what she and family are experiencing

"We don’t sleep at night because it’s very scary."

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Reports of Russian attacks on civilian targets are increasing, along with a death toll. This, as Russian forces set their sights on capturing major cities. 

One woman from Ukraine shared with 3News just some of what she and her family have been experiencing. 

Dariia Breslavska, 40, of Kharkiv spoke with our team Thursday night, but it was closer to 3 A.M. her time. 

"My friend said I had this possibility to talk about our situation, so of course it doesn’t matter what time it is now in Ukraine," said Dariia. "The situation is awful. It's awful. It's genocide for Ukraine." 

The friend she's referring to is from her university days, who now lives in Corpus Christi. 

Dariia has been hunkered down with her 81-year-old mother, 21-year-old son, his girlfriend and all of their pets. She shared that her mind is exhausted, describing each day as a "disaster." 

"Russian tanks are bombing our cities. They bomb our city. They bomb our civil houses. They're bombing kindergartens, they’re bombing maternity hospitals. We have a lot of people who die." 

Dariia shared that the family is actually staying temporarily at their summer home, which she says is a little safer, but still overall dangerous.

Despite the fear, anxiety and sadness, she shared some moments of hope, giving high praise to the Ukrainian army, also admitting that prior to all of this that she was not personally a fan of President Zelensky. However, that has shifted. 

"A big thanks to the Ukrainian army. These boys and girls are incredible. Our army is incredible. They are great people and we thank them so much," Dariia.  "Now I see that in this situation that he [Zelensky] is doing the strong things. He has started now 9 days ago to be a president of Ukraine." 

She also shared how this experience, as frightening as it has been, has put a lot of things into perspective. She ended our interview expressing thanks to those who have shown support to her country, and also shared some words of advice: 

"Appreciate every moment of your life. Love each other. Support each other. Every time say to your family that you love everyone: friends children, mothers," Dariia said. 

"Now, we understand that the money, house is stuff, it’s nothing. It's nothing. Cars, houses, yachts, it’s nothing. The most important is peoples’ lives." 

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