The Food Bank of Corpus Christi is sending out a warm thank you for all the volunteers that lent a hand over the weekend.

Last week, the Food Bank had an overwhelming amount of donations; so much so that it placed a stress on the need to get it out in time so the food would not become spoiled.

However, on Saturday, 43 good samaritans showed up willing to lend a hand so that the food could get out of the Food Bank and into a hungry home.

Bea Hanson, executive director of the Food Bank, said the volunteers came through to help save the day.

"It's very important that we receive food, and sometimes we are short on food," Hanson said. "But the problem is that we need to process it. We need to inspect it. Without the volunteers, we cannot move the food fast enough."

Hanson said that some of the food that was processed this weekend will be handed out through the Food Bank's new mobile pantry.