A 27-year old man wanted on multiple arrest warrants was picked up by police just after noon Sunday, shortly after allegedly vandalizing Bill Witt Park with graffiti.

Police were responding to reports of a suspicious person at Bill Witt Part when they spotted Stephen Contreras driving out of the park. Officers believed he matched the description of the suspicious person, and noticed that he had an expired registration sticker, so they conducted a traffic stop.

During their traffic stop, officers found that Contreras had an invalid drivers license and was wanted on two warrants for theft. They also noticed that he had fresh paint on him, so they went to check on the property at Bill Witt Park. Once there, they discovered fresh graffiti of the same color paint that was on Contreras' body.

Contreras was arrested for the two outstanding warrants as well as driving without a valid license and having an expired registration sticker. They additionally charged him with graffiti and delivered him to the City Detention Center.