It may not have taken much, but Sunday's wet weather resulted in slick roads and several accidents. Police say the accidents were all minor, but the amount of them in a short period of time kept officers busy. One of those accidents happened around 1:30 this afternoon on NPID at the I-37 On Ramp. Police say the driver lost control of his truck and flipped over. Luckily he was able to get out of his truck and he was not hurt. It was one of 3 accidents on the same overpass. Lt Jay Clement with CCPD says the Harbor Bridge and the NPID and I-37 overpass are the roads that are the slickest when it rains. Clement said, "a lot of times when there is alight rain, all gas and oil get on the road. It brings it up, so when you hit it, your car is going to slide." He encourages drivers to slow down when the roads are wet.